Keaton McCargo

I grew up in the small town of Telluride, Colorado. Like a lot of young and wild kids that grow up in the mountains, I picked up skiing as soon as I could walk. I spent my days chasing my sister and her friends around the beautiful landscape I was lucky enough to call home. She went from skiing racing into mogul skiing and I quickly followed her steps. By the time I was eight, I had completely fallen in love with skiing.

It brought me outside everyday. It showed me the way of the mountains. It taught me to be a free spirit. Mogul skiing is a very complicated sport. You can never ski a perfect mogul run. It is impossible, but that’s what makes it interesting. It is not about just speed, tricks, or turns, it is about what you can accomplish with all of them together and that is pretty cool. I went to the Telluride Mountain School from first grade through high school; this was very fortunate because my teachers allowed me to pursue my interest in skiing. My teachers and mentors supported me making it much easier to ski and go to school.

During my senior year of high school I made the US Ski Team. This was my dream come true! I never imagined that all my hard work would pay off. Now that I am on the US Ski Team, the challenge has really begun. I have four years until the next Olympics in Korea and I have a lot of work to do still in order to make it there. 

Not only do I plan to keep developing as an athlete, I also want to continue to develop my love and interest for food and art. I have started a couple of business enterprises to support my passion for art and food and to support my costs to pursue the Olympic goals I have in skiing.

I started to enjoy cooking when I began traveling the world as an athlete. Eating great food is, well, delicious, and it gives me the fuel to keep working as hard as I can. 

Traveling the world with an adventurous stomach is a great way to learn about the culture you are immersed in. There is so much to taste and learn!
Cooking and creating art are my two creative outlets. They relax me and help balance out the intensity of training and the lifestyle that I am currently living. View my art gallery to see some of the work I have finished.